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Personal Profile


Founder of Sparkly Couture, Delish Trish believes high heels are statement of your inner SEXiness and DESIREability. “It is paramount that every woman owns at least one pair of beautiful heels to feel their true potency.” Says Trish.

“Everybody deserves to feel potent and phenomenal when they get dressed in the
morning” says Delish Trish who is a consultant with 14 year’s combined experience
as a beauty therapist, nail technician, colour consultant and personal stylist. She
lives and breathes this statement for herself and her clients.

Trish has a variety of skill that centre around showing people they can be beautiful.
From styling peoples wardrobes so they look phenomenal or doing a client’s colours
so they know what colour clothes to buy to bring out their eyes and skin tone.
If you have a photo shoot coming up for a wedding, boudoir shoot or a modelling
assignment Trish can source and create a specific look for you to make those photos

She also is a trained beautician  and nail tech so the perfect person to have with
you on those shoots.

But her passion is Spray tanning  & is a double certified Spray Tanning technician

There are 2 things that set Trish apart from others

Firstly, she has the philosophy of mixing vintage and new. She is deeply passionate
about upcycling and creating something new from a vintage item. Ultimately she is
brand agnostic: she has pieces from all sorts of designers, what matters is how it
looks and sits on you. She advocates having a statement pieces that make an impact
and last a long time.

Secondly, looks can be deceptive. Trish has slimmed down to the size she is now,
there was a time where the only thing she could trust to feel sexy in was shoes
because they came in her size. If size is a barrier for you then Trish is the woman to
speak to as she has empathy and ensure you look phenomenal. “I want to help
people fulfil their dreams”

Trish would like to invite you to book a session with her today so she can help you
be the potently beautiful being you are.



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