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First and foremost we want you to love wearing your rental and we will go out of our way to make the experience easy and enjoyable from start to finish. To be able to give this experience to you and any other customers we do have some simple rules that you must accept before hiring from Sparkly Couture. This is in the way of a tick box at the checkout where you accept the below terms and conditions.

Please look after your item like it is your own, yet keep in mind that Sparkly Couture remain the legal owner of this garment at all times.
95% of the time we will provide you with a dress that is in awesome condition. 5% of our rentals may have very light marks or wear and we will advise you of this so that the decision will always be yours to hire or not. Should you have any concerns once your garment arrives please let us now within 24 hours of receiving it. Although our pieces are not brand new, we do everything we can to keep it in the most pristine condition. Please be mindful of embellishments and delicate fabrics and please be very careful wearing jewellery or bags that may snag the material. If a stain happens please do not attempt to remove. Sparkly Couture will clean upon return. This is included in the rental charge.

We realise that our online customers cannot try on so we will do our best by supplying you with as much information as possible in regards to the fit. Contact us first with any questions and we will be happy to discuss. If an item arrives and does not fit we will be more than happy to issue you with a credit note, minus the cost of freight paid if the following conditions are adhered to

  • you email us to directly with concerns (Sparkly Couture has full discretion to approve or decline this request if it is deemed by us as unfair e.g. change of mind);

  • the piece is returned to us quickly;

  • has not been worn.

Please take time placing an order. If a cancellation is needed please let us know ASAP or at least 2 weeks before the rental date. We will then offer you a credit note that can be used at any time.

If an item arrives from us and is not in the condition disclosed by us, Sparkly Couture will offer you a credit note to be used at any time.


If you place your order less than 48 hours (2 business days) before the day of your event, we will not offer a refund for any items that have not arrived in time for your event. This is because we were not provided with enough time to ensure the garment would arrive to you on time. 

If you require the garment for an event that starts in the morning, please email us immediately after booking so we can ensure that the item gets to you the day before. If you fail to do so, and we are unable to get the garment to you in time for your booking, we do not issue refunds, or store credits. 



Our parcels are sent through NZ Post and delivered within 3 business working days, which are trackable via the NZ Post website, ( until they reach their specified destination. This is a fast and secure postage system that we trust for the safe arrival and return of our garments. Once the garment has been delivered it will be in a secure plastic bag within the courier bag. Please keep this bag for the rental to be returned in when sending back to us. This keeps our clothes extra safe when travelling. The return courier bag will provided in your package, 

After your item is fulfilled by us and you receive the tracking number via email, it is your responsibility to ensure that the parcel arrives to you on time. We recommend tracking the package by turning on “delivery updates” on the parcel tracking page ( You will then be emailed every time the parcel is scanned. If there are any delays in transit, we recommend calling Courier Post on 0800 268 743.

Store credit for items that have not arrived in time for your event may be offered at our discretion. If your item has not arrived in time, we will investigate the tracking updates, and assess the situation in light of any unforeseeable events that could have delayed postage, or operational failures by NZ Post. 

Refunds and store credit are determined on a case-by-case basis, at the full discretion of Sparkly Couture. 

In the rare scenario that the parcel has been lost by NZ Post we will do our best to send a replacement in time for your event, or offer a store credit.


  • Please return rental on the first business day after rental. If the item is not returned to us by the third working day after the rental date you will be charged again for the full hire of this item, if we cannot offer it to others this is our loss and you will be charged for this.

  • Sparkly Couture relies on timely returns. Garments are often consistently booked out and delaying the return of a garment breaches our hire policy, as it can inconvenience subsequent customers. No-one wants to be left without an outfit for their event. If garments are not returned on the agreed return date, the hire fee will be charged again, each week, until the garment is received.

  • In the case that a garment is not returned at all, due to it being stolen, lost or kept by the hiree, the full RRP will be charged on top of the hire price that was paid. This will be enforced where the garment has not been received within 14 days from the return date. 

  • If an item is returned with damage (whether it is damage that is unrepairable, repairable, or needs extra cleaning this cost must be covered by you – the renter. Sparkly Couture will charge replacement costs based on buying a new replacement the same or as close to the same as the garment that has been damaged.

  • Dry cleaning is included in all rentals yet if an item has many tan marks, alcohol or other marks that need extra cleaning this cost must be covered by the renter/you.


In the situation the garment is damaged while in your care, the best thing to do is to not stress and notify us as soon as possible so we can come up with a quick solution. The matter must be emailed through to, as soon as you notice the damage, not after the return of the garment. This helps us to make a preliminary assessment regarding the extent of the damage, and make appropriate changes to any subsequent orders.


  • If the garment has been damaged and requires extra attention to be repaired, (for example, but not limited to – a zipper needs fixing, strap replacement or hem taken up as a result of damage, stitching repairs, heavy fake tan stains), a minimum fee of $50 will be charged. This fee will increase in proportion to the extent that the damage has shortened the overall rental life of the garment. (E.g. damage that has halved the rental life of the garment will incur a 50% charge of the RRP)

  • If the damage to the garment means that it cannot be repaired within 1 business day, you will be charged an extra weeks rental fee while the garment is out of operation.

  • If the damage on the garment means it cannot be used again for hire, 100% of the current item value is charged. Sufficient evidence of either the retail price, or the current market value of the dress will be provided – you will be charged whichever is higher. You will not get to keep the garment unless arrangements are made for you to buy the dress after you have paid the retail price for the dress that has been damaged beyond repair. Any charges will be discussed with the hiree before processing.


  • We offer payment by Debit/Credit Card through WindCave and Laybuy for all purchases. 

  • When the customer selects their preferred payment method, accepts the Sellers Terms and Conditions and clicks Checkout the customer will be directed by the third party to input credit card details for processing. The customer will be automatically notified when the transaction is complete.

  • The Seller will not process or store any credit card information on its website.

  • Please note if you cancel dress hire within 14 days before your event refunds are non refundable. However will take into account, factors involved in why – in circumstance out of your control a full credit with no expiry will be held here for another order.

  • Please consider carefully asking for a refund until your event organiser has advised you of a new date.

  • We do require proof of cancellations and this will be checked by our team.

  • Store credit will be provided in the form of a unique coupon card you can use on our website.

  • If hire has already been sent and then ball is cancelled we will need cost of couriers paid again for any new postponement date.


  • Sparkly Couture regards customers privacy seriously. Any details we hold for you including email, addresses, phone numbers etc are for our use only. Sparkly Couture does not share any information with third parties for any unknown or unrelated uses.

  • We do not store bank details on our site.

  • At any time you need to change these details or no longer wish to deal with us you may at any time correct, update or delete your details.

Ok with the small print over….as we all hate that bit! Sparkly Couture promises that we will go out of our way for you and will continue to provide an excellent, friendly service and exceptional clothing to you all year round.

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