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Black Magic Muscle Glaze

Black Magic Muscle Glaze

Black Magic Muscle Glaze

Black Magic’s Muscle Glaze has been formulated to not only hydrate but rejuvenate the skin by replacing the skins natural oils. Infused with vitamin E, Sunflower seed Oil and Jojoba oil it is designed to enrich the skin leaving it fresh with antioxidants and essential oils. Muscle Glaze will rehydrate your depleted body, and make every contour and muscle definition shine.

Who is it Ideal for?

Easy Self-Application

Bodybuilders, gym junkies models and Dancers

For all skin types, looking for a show shine

This solution has been designed by bodybuilders competing on stage.

Key Features:

Essential Oil and Antioxidants

Vitamin E

Sunflower seed oil

Jojoba oil

Designed to increase Muscle definition and shine

Enriched with antioxidants


Non sticky

Fragrance Free

Antioxidants to help moisturise and maintain healthy skin.

Non sticky, odourless,

DEA, Paraben and Propylene Glyco Free

Muscle Glaze Size: 125mls

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