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Boutique Dress Fittings

Boutique Dress Fittings

In Boutique Dress fittings

Dress fittings are booked by appointment only either online or in Boutique

This is your private one-on-one time with our expert Glamour Gowns Stylist. 


Glamour Gowns fitting takes 1 hour and cost $35.00. 

(which can be credited towards your gown hire on the day) 

During your private fitting you will have the opportunity to try on a select number of our beautiful gowns to find the perfect dress for your special occasion. 


What to bring?

Your lingerie, fillets, spanx, heels and any accessories you might like to wear.    

To book your private fitting you can call us 027 616 4801 directly click the book a fitting button at the top of the page.

Let us help you get-your-glam-on!

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