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Deportment ,Elegance Etiquette Workshop

Deportment ,Elegance Etiquette Workshop

2 hour Group Workshop max 4 students , students must be Vac to run within government guidelines.

Suitable for  school years , yr 5 - yr8 young women wanting a taste of modeling .


Deportment is the way you express yourself through your features and by the way you move or hold your body. A woman who has beautiful deportment is said to be poised, graceful and elegant.

Though beautiful Elegance may come more natural to others, it is obtained by training, whether conscious or unconscious.

Deportment & Elegance Etiquette Workshop simplified into areas lightly coveted in Workshop. 

Expression & body movement 

Manners and Etiquette

Dressing to your shape 


How to Walk 

How to Sit

Social conduct
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